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"Valor and Glory Field"

Президент России


A Word of Welcome

A Word of Welcome

from Member of the Council of the Federation,

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

of the Prokhorovka Field Memorial

Nikolai Ryzhkov

The Bond of Time and Generations

An essential condition for the existence of a stable society is the link between generations, which is now being severed. In the turbulent 90-es, when the so-called reforms failed one after the other, the public was made to believe that nothing would ever be achieved with these "people", meaning that constant resistance to implementing the universal ideas of the upstart Democrats would continue until the older generation became extinct.

Disrespect towards the Veterans by the youth was encouraged along with the things and values they had fought for.

To this aim, insulting & frenzy anti- Russian statements of the podrabinekovs of this world are being used.

Young people need to be very careful and vigilant, learn to distinguish between righteous people & villains, sweet lies and the sometimes bitter truth. Despite all that, one must not lose faith in people, faith in the greatness and dignity of the Russian people, which russophobes of various types have been trying to deprive the young generation of.

A special sense of continuity and link with the centuries-old history of our Homeland is a hallmark of the nation. That is why we write "Fatherland" with a capital letter.

Young friends! Who else & where else in the world would say as we do: "Holy Russia", "Holy Belogorye, our Fatherland! Do they do so in Germany, France, England or the United States? Think about this.

When the role and significance of the victory of the Soviet people in World War II is being played down, it is imperative through all available forms and methods to show the true value of those heroic events in the history of mankind .

Our scientists have analyzed hundreds of history textbooks published in many countries – the former republics of the USSR. It turned out that with the exception of Belarus and Armenia, rather than an objective presentation of historical events, students are offered a mix of myths about the antiquity of their people, the high mission of their ancestors in world history and their implacable "enemy"- Russia. This is an extremely dangerous tendency, especially since it is supported by public institutions in these countries.

Victory day is the only holiday that now is common to all the peoples of the former Soviet Union, one which demonstrates the link between generations.

Of particular importance today are measures for perpetuating the feat of Soviet soldiers in the struggle against Hitler's invaders and who died in the battle for their Homeland, as well as educating the young people on the glorious military and labour traditions of our people, holding meetings with veterans of the war.

One of the legendary pages of World War II is Prokhorovka.

It is impossible to describe all the exploits, it is impossible to mention everyone by name. Paying tribute to all those who brought liberation and paved the way to the great victory, we cherish the memory of those events and do every possible thing to continue perpetuating the memory of their participants.

An illustrious example of this is the Prokhorovka Field National War Memorial. By Presidential Decree No. 414 of April 26, 1995, it was given the status of a Federal State Institution of Culture.

July 12 1943, the fiercest tank battle in the history of warfare, involving approximately 1500 Soviet and German armoured vehicles, was held. It was a turning point in the battle of Kursk, which, in turn, determined the future course of the Second World War. During the battle, numerous cases of true heroism of our soldiers on that day made victory possible.

Prokhorovka in its own right became the Third Battlefield in Russia along with Kulikov and Borodino.

In the legendary Prokhorovka Field a belfry was built as well as a temple in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the walls of which bear the names of 7382 soldiers killed in this bloody battle. A nursing home for war veterans, two orphanages and a cultural and historical center were also built here.

Every year on July 12, the day of the tank battle at Prokhorovka, thousands of war veterans from different regions of Russia and the CIS countries rally at the Belfry. In St. Peter and Paul’s church services are held in memory of the fallen soldiers and for the health of the veterans.

In the cultural and historical center of the War Memorial various functions and events are constantly held for children and young people, with lectures on the history of our Fatherland, meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Battle of Kursk and the Prokhorovka tank battle. Documentaries and feature films on war and patriotism are regularly shown here.

On the eve of the 65-th anniversary of Victory Day the Prokhorovka Museum of Military Glory was opened. It is unique. None of the classical museums in the country can match it with its exhibits and the scope and depth of assessing the feat of Soviet soldiers.

It visibly restores the events of heroic 1943. It was here, on the Field of Prokhorovka, that the first case of an armoured vehicle ramming another one occurred. Current and future generations can really appreciate the feat of the soldiers who gave their most precious thing – their lives – and went down in history with their names engraved in the heroic annals of war and the sad list of the temple.

It was right here, on the site of the bloody tank battle, near the Belfry, that the attack of the tank company of the 5-th guards tank army was reconstructed.

And, finally, another monument which was erected in the square in front of the Museum is the Memory Candle. It consists of 65 special lanterns signifying the number of years since the Victory and in memory of those, who at the cost of their lives on the Holy Land of Belogorye at Prokhorovka, had won the greatest tank battle in world history.

Patriotism and the spiritual and moral upbringing of future generations are crucial today for our Fatherland. Only by scrutinizing the depths of its past, will Russia be able to maintain its power, its credibility and the momentum to move forward.

A Word of Welcome from

the Governor of Belgorod region

E.S. Savchenko

Dear friends!

The Great Patriotic War was the most difficult challenge in the history of our country, but thanks to the enormous efforts of all the people, an unprecedented heroism and sacrifice of the Soviet people at the front and in the rear in defeating Nazi Germany, we saved mankind from the brown plague of the 20th century. The greatness of this victory stems from the people's heroism, and our compatriots will forever remain in world history as liberators of civilization from the worst evil on Earth the name of which is Nazism.

Belgorod region has made an invaluable contribution to the great victory. Belgorodians fought on all the fronts of World War II. Twice the enemy hordes rolled over Belgorodia, spreading death and destruction. In the battles against a powerful, cruel and insidious enemy over 200 thousand Belgorodians lost their lives. Their remains are buried not only in our country alone, but also in many European countries, to which they brought liberation from the nazi yoke.

We take pride in the fact that it was here, on the field of Prokhorovka, that the largest tank battle took place that determined the further outcome of the Second World War. And the little village, lost in the hills of the Central Russian plain, is now known to millions of people of the planet. It is the Third Battlefield of Russia after two other legendary fields-Kulikov and Borodino.

The Prokhorovka Memorial is in grateful memory from the descendants of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the ones killed on the battlefield and the living veterans. We remember them personally and kneel before them for having given their lives in the struggle for the independence of our Homeland. And no matter how many years have passed since that much and painfully longed - for victory day, its significance along with the greatness of the front-line soldiers will never diminish. They covered themselves in glory, became an example of unfading genuine patriotism and loyalty to their country. Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War gave us life and peace, saved our future generations from fascism, with its violence, alienation and fear, and the country - from the enslavement and destruction of its people.

We are the heirs of the great victory. Together, let us keep the spiritual and moral heritage of Russia: boundless love for the Motherland, our glorious cultural traditions and Orthodox faith. They helped our ancestors defeat the most powerful and formidable enemy, and ,I am sure, will help us overcome all adversities and become a strong and prosperous country. After all, without remembering the historical past, there will never be a happy future.