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"Valor and Glory Field"

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Home Museum-Preserve "The Field of Prochorovka"

Monuments to Soviet Tank Soldiers and Gunners

The first monument ,a T-34 -85 tank , commemorating the great battle was installed more than a quarter of a century ago.


Tank T-34-85


57 mm ZiS-2 anti-tank gun

In the early 1970s , our country celebrated it’s 25 anniversary of victory in World War II. Big celebrations were held. Veterans visited the battlefields, remembering the past and meeting with fellow soldiers.


Hosted Guests and Prokhorovka.
In February 1971, the village hosted a visit by the former Commander of the 5-th guards tank Regiment. Army Chief Marshal Pavel Alexeyevich Rotmistrov spent a lot of interesting time meeting people in schools and around the area. He  visited the battlefield where on 1st July 12, 1943 he commanded the main strike force of Soviet troops, the 31st guards tank army with over 900 vehicles. During his visit came the idea to perpetuate the names of heroes who had been killed during the battle.


The Battle of Prokhorovka in July 1943 lasted more than a week and  its success was due to  efforts of all branches of the armed forces. Extraordinary courage and heroism was displayed by  the gunners, who were under constant attack. The fighting culminated on July 12 with the troopers bearing the brunt of the battle.


Their steadfastness and self sacrifice largely decided the outcome of the battle. Therefore, the first monument dates to the feat of these heroes who became a formidable fighting machine.

In March 1973, the tank became a permanent commemoration 5 km northwest of the village.