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"Valor and Glory Field"

Президент России

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Home Museum-Preserve "The Field of Prochorovka"

Armour and Artillery at the Belfry Victory Monument

Within the museum reserve of Prokhorovka, near the victory monument, is located an exposition area, featuring samples of tanks and artillery weapons of the Second World War.


Here are located five of the T-34-85 tanks. This  machine  was a formidable adversary for the enemy, made as a result of the modernization of the legendary T-34-76 tank. In addition,  the Soviet heavy tanks  IP-2 and IP-3 are exhibited. These tanks had a great effect against the Wehrmacht  at the end of the war.


Self propelled artillery units Su-100, ISU-152 are also exhibited.  These were sufficiently mobile to support rifle divisions and mechanized divisions. They were intended to counter enemy armoured units.


This was used for the same purpose during the war years as heavy artillery. Therefore, not by chance at the exposition site are examples of the 152-mm howitzer cannon and the 152-mm howitzer 1943 model  (d-1). These artillery systems increased the range and accuracy of fire destroying enemy installations dug in behind the front line. Such a weapon called the "main steel broom" of the Red Army was used in offensive operations.



Many visitors are interested in the machine rocket artillery BM-13, known as the "Katyusha", which was adopted by the Red Army in August 1941. The fire rate and noise from this weapon was for the enemy  like a hurricane.


During the Second World War, the 37-mm anti-aircraft gun 1939 model, was the main anti-aircraft weapon of the Red Army  protecting ground troops from attacks by low-flying enemy aircraft. The 2a14 was also used in combat with  enemy armoured vehicles. A sample of the tools is displayed at the exposition site.


To destroy the enemy fortifications divisional mortars were used. Two of these  and a number of other mortar shells are displayed in the Museum of Prokhorovka. In 1943, Soviet army heavy weapons of this type were used by heavy mortar Brigades. Each Brigade had three battalions, armed with 12 heavy weapons each. These weapons were successfully used in most offensive operations by the Red Army until the end of the war.


Now military machinery at the Prokhorovka battlefield is only used for peaceful purposes, and for visitors to study with interest.