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"Valor and Glory Field"

Президент России

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Home Information for visitors

Information for visitors

Dear guests!

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Museum of Russia`s Third Battlefield and we encourage you to be a part of our great past and exciting history.
We appreciate your opinion and try that museum exhibitions leave a more memorable impression on you!

Visitor regulations
1. The Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve is open to visitors all year round with the exception of 1 January.
2. The Museum can be visited on fixed routes in the working hours or after booking the tour. Visitors must enter the Museum 30 minutes before closing time.
3. The Museum may be visited individually or with an tour guide authorized by the Museum. 
4. The tour guide authorized by the Museum-Reserve provides content-related guidance during the tour around the Museum.
5. The  guided tour and visiting of the Museum is charged according to the rates.
6.  The  guided tour is given in Russian and in English languages. The guided tours in English language should be booked at least 3 days in advance.
7. There are discounts for schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons, veterans of Great Patriotic War, participants of local wars and armed conflicts, military men, museum workers. You must submit supporting documents to qualify for the discount.
8. Maximum one attendant accompanying a group of children (at least 15) is entitled to a discount.
9. Private photography and filming during guided tour is only allowed with a permission of the Museum tour organizer.
10. Mobile phones must be switched off or silenced during the guided tour except under specific circumstances.
11. To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone at outdoor space, it is not allowed to climb on models of military weaponry, armored vehicles, artillery armament.
12.  In order to protect the monuments on the territory of the Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve, it prohibited to alter, remove, damage and climb the monuments.
13. Entertainment, sporting and other mass events such as horse riding on the territory of Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve must be officially approved by Museum-Reserve authority in advance.
14. Advertising, marketing, entertainment services and etc. on the territory of Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve must be officially approved by Museum-Reserve authority .
15. On the grounds of the Museum, it is prohibited to:

  • Walk on the lawn.
  • Enter under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicative substances.
  • Consume food or alcohol, smoke and use e-cigarettes. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Possess weapons, items and substances which may pose a danger to life, health, or safety.
  • Enter with animals, either walked or carried and walk animals on the territory of Prokhorovka Field Museum-Reserve.
16. Out of respect for others, visitors are not allowed into the museums in beachwear or skimpy clothing.  Bulky bags, rucksacks, umbrellas or any other objects that the staff deem unsuitable cannot be taken into the exhibition areas and must be left at the cloakrooms set aside for this purpose. This service is free.

Entry onto the Museum grounds constitutes acceptance of these Visitor Regulations. Legal measures as specified in the applicable legal provisions will be taken against persons who do not follow these rules.



Entrance Ticket Prices

The Belfry Tour:
Adults- 65 rubles
Children-30 rubles.

The Third Battlefield of Russia Museum:
Adult guided tour-130 rubles;
Adult non-guided tour 65 roubles;
Children (student) guided tour -65 roubles;
Children ( student) non-guided tour-30 rubles;
Photographing inside the Museum-40 rubles;
Videofilming inside the Museum-40 rubles.

4 d Simulator:
Adults ( 5 minutes)-200 rubles;
Children (5 minutes)-100 rubles.
Guided tours are available for a group of minimum five people.

Free admission:
1. WWII veterans, veterans of military conflicts, servicemen.
2.  Museum staff.
3. Orphans and disabled children.
4. Nursery and village school pupils, Prokhorovka grammar school students.
5. Suvorov, Nakhimov and other cadets.
6. Large families.

For foreign nationals tickets for guided tours are available at the price of 255 rubles, non-guided tours-130 rubles.